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    The Union Pacific Railroad’s Big Boy 4-8-8-4 steam locomotive is undoubtedly the beast of American railroading history, and this epitome of heavy haulage is now available for Train Simulator with a number of challenging scenarios for the Sherman Hill route.

    In the early 1940s, Union Pacific Railroad (UP) sought to build a locomotive capable of hauling heavy freight trains across Wyoming without the need for double heading and helper operations over the 1.55% gradient of Sherman Hill and the Wasatch mountain region. Adaptations of the previous Challenger Class locomotives showed that larger fireboxes, longer boilers and more driving wheels achieved their aims. What followed was the monster Big Boy with its articulated wheel configuration, huge water tank and 68in (173cm) driving wheels.

    In 1941, Alco Locomotive Works delivered 20 Big Boys and another five were put into service in 1944. Although rarely run at such a speed, the Big Boy was capable of an 80mph top speed and towards the end of their life were regularly hauling more than 4,000 tons up the Wasatch gradient unassisted. The last revenue service by a Big Boy was in July 1959 and eight of the original 25 locomotives have been preserved in the USA.

    The Union Pacific Big Boy V2.0 is available for Train Simulator in the famous UP black livery with accurate locomotive simulation, detailed cab interior, full TSX effects, and new smoke and steam particle emitters.


    • Union Pacific Big Boy in UP black livery
    • Fully detailed cab interior with working gauges, levers and dials, with new textures
    • Enhanced TSX effects, smoke and steam particle emitters
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 5 scenarios for the Sherman Hill route, also available on Steam


    Union Pacific Big Boy Manual

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    Union Pacific Big Boy - History

    Do you have an interest in the history of the Union Pacific Big Boy locomotive? Our friends over at American Rails have an excellent site documenting the history of this and many other North American locomotives. Click here to take a look.

    Image by RFM57 and used under Creative Commons license.

    Image showing Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" #4006, preserved by the Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, Missouri, USA