Union Pacific Wasatch Grade: Ogden - Evanston Route Add-On

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    Among the extraordinary achievements of America’s transcontinental railroad was Union Pacific’s construction of its route across the rugged Wasatch Mountains, a feat made possible by UP threading its main line through the Echo and Weber Canyons of Utah.

    Now, with Union Pacific’s Wasatch Grade Route for Train Simulator, this famed and challenging UP line is re-created during the captivating steam-to-diesel transition era of the mid-1950s!

    Created by accomplished developer Milepost Simulations, the Wasatch Grade route extends from Evanston, Wyoming to Ogden, Utah, a distance of 76 route miles, and brings to full life the memorable era when UP’s fabulous 4-8-8-4 Big Boy and 4-6-6-4 Challenger steam locomotives worked side-by-side with diesel newcomers in the form of Union Pacific’s stylish EMD F7s.

    Amid unforgettable western mountain scenery and unforgiving grades of nearly 2 per cent, you’ll do battle with the Wasatch Range as you forward tonnage through Weber and Echo Canyons, navigate the Devils’ Slide, and encounter the remarkable Curvo “over and under” tunnels near the line’s summit at Wahsatch, Utah.

    In addition to masterfully replicated the always-bustling Union Pacific main line along the Weber River and Echo Creek, this route includes expansive yard and lineside facilities such as roundhouses and steam coaling towers as existed in the 1950s.

    Along with its three Union Pacific classic locomotives – the Big Boy, Challenger, and EMD F7 diesel – the route delivers a superb collection of 1950s-era freight rolling stock for Union Pacific and many of its predecessor railroads. Ogden was the key interchange point between the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific, and the Train Simulator route also provides EMD F7s in Southern Pacific’s distinctive “black widow” livery. And with the Union Pacific’s Wasatch Grade route, you’ll be ready to go right to work with a set of eight realistic career scenarios!

    Experience the wonderment – and the railroading challenges – of one of America’s greatest and most famous western rail lines – with Train Simulator’s Union Pacific’s Wasatch Grade Route!

    Key Features

    • Union Pacific’s famed and rugged route across the Wasatch Mountains extending from Evanston, Wyoming to Ogden, Utah (76 route miles), set in the captivating mid-1950s
    • Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy steam locomotive
    • Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger steam locomotive
    • Union Pacific EMD F7 cab and booster diesels
    • Southern Pacific EMD F7 cab and booster diesels
    • Nine types of authentic freight equipment of the period
    • Large yards and engine facilities
    • Eight realistic career scenarios
    • Quick drive compatible


    Wasatch Grade: Ogden to Evanston Manual

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