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    Train Station Simulator is a station builder and manager game. Be a creative engineer by planning flooring tiles, building walls and creating emergency routes.

    Caring station design

    • Lay flooring tiles, build walls, create corridors, place exit doors and emergency routes.
    • Expand your building to create more room for constructing advanced appliances, facilities, services and a more reliable train system.
    • Creative station design creates a better place for your passengers.
    • Replace old tracks as new and more advanced technologies are invented – all the way to magnetic trains.
    • Form mood-enhancing designs: plants, flowers, open spaces and benches.

    Expanding content with constant updates (version - Updated*: 20/October/2018)

    • 56+ different objects to place
    • 25+ types of trains, locomotives, engines and carriages
    • 25+ different staff members in 5 settable categories and an extra 2 categories of shoe-shiners and shop assistants (assistants are part of each cafes and restaurants by default)
    • 24+ types of passengers including vandal persons and homeless persons and disabled persons
    • 22 different cars from the 70s and 90s and bicycles
    • 16+ types of shops/restaurants and other facilities to place
    • 9 public transportation vehicles
    • 6 doors
    • 5 types of rails: standard, advanced, electric, magnetic, light hiber
    • 5 flooring
    • 4 platform types
    • 3 walls

    *Not all content available in all game modes at once.

    Ride the rails

    • Set up bars and cafés and allow them to grow and bloom into successful businesses.
    • Deploy bus, taxi and tram networks to grow your local station to a crowded hub central.
    • The demand for traveling by train is undeniable: open new train routes by selecting combined schedules.
    • Bring your station to life: place local bus stops near tracks scheduled with local trains.
    • Keep your station clean of debris, secure all areas by police officers and never ran a train off the track by employing system engineers.

    Creative game play with enhanced features

    • Solve real-life station modeling challenges with enhanced passenger ai movements.
    • Play through 25 different scenarios with different skill levels and timeframe.
    • Track station progress with a comprehensive statistics menu.
    • Follow each of your staff members and analyze all passengers’ behavior.
    • Exciting game achievements, various leaderboards
    • Steam Trading Card

    We plan to add the following features

    • Weather-related events: rain, snow, windy weather
    • Disaster modes: train accidents, trees on rails
    • Thieves, robberies and bomb threat related events
    • Advanced terminal evacuation
    • New staff types: swat team, engineers, train cleaner units, track maintenance service
    • Advanced passenger AI
    • More transportation connections: underground station, trolleybus terminal, parking lot
    • New objects: overpass, underpass, moving walkways, advanced vending machines, recreation area, park, playground
    • New facilities: advanced restaurants, bars and buffets, pet relief area, lost and found, meditation room, nursery
    • More colorful passenger types: children, elderly, disabled, beggers, hooligans, pickpocket, train graffiti artists, distraught passengers, smoking violators
    • Cargo operations
    • In-game tutorial
    • Continental train graphics packages
    • Mod support for all train graphics


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