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    Universe Sandbox ² Trailer

    Universe Sandbox ² Gameplay

    Universe Sandbox ² is a physics-based space simulator that allows you to create, destroy, and interact on an unimaginable scale.

    It merges real-time gravity, climate, collision, and material interactions to reveal the beauty of our universe and the fragility of our planet.

    Universe Sandbox ² includes the desktop version and a VR mode with support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch, and Windows Mixed Reality.

    Simulate Gravity

    N-body simulation at almost any speed using Newtonian mechanics. Real science, real physics, no supercomputer required.

    Collide Planets & Stars

    Epic, mind blowing collisions of massive planetary bodies that leave behind molten craters.

    Create Your Own Systems

    Start with a star, then add a planet. Spruce it up with moons, rings, comets, or even a black hole.

    Model Earth's Climate

    Watch sea ice grow and recede with the seasons because of the tilt of the Earth: change the tilt and change the seasons. Or move the Earth farther from the Sun and freeze the entire planet.

    Supernova a Star

    Make a star evolve by cranking up its age or mass, then watch a supernova unfold.

    Explore Historical Events

    Ride along with the Juno and New Horizons spacecraft, or view a total solar eclipse.

    Throw Planets in VR

    Just grab and fling.

    And more...

    • Material System - build planets out of Hydrogen, Iron, Rock, & Water
    • Stellar flares & volatile trails
    • Procedurally generated stars & planets
    • Pulsars
    • Light-warping black holes
    • Dark matter


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