Victoria Line Drivers Eye View

Image showing the cover of the Victoria Line driver's eye view film

The 1967 stock trains were filmed in their last few years of service in 2009. These were the first fully automatic trains in London running on the Victoria line which was opened in stages from Walthamstow in East London. The whole line is seen in virtually real time from the operator's cab with the aid of additional lighting.

This is more than a Driver's eye view, for we also follow the progress of our southbound train on the track diagrams of the service control centre, we see inside all the stations with their famous tiled murals, the exteriors of many and of course the operator himself. Bonuses complete the story of the Victoria Line starting with seventeen minutes of archive film recalling the construction and opening of the line.

We then board a depot-bound train from platform 4 at Seven Sisters which takes us into the open air section of the Victoria line. The next bonus gives us a comprehensive look around Northumberland Park depot itself with the depot manager. Last but not least we take a look around the Service Control Centre with the service manager.

Running Time: 74 Minutes


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