[DPS] 1Z37 - 0547 Portsmouth Harbour to Penzance

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  • Route:        Cornish Main Line
  • Traction:    Class 40 '40145' - BR Large Logo
  • Year:          2009
  • Duration:   130 Minutes Approx


Today you are in charge of the Cornish Explorer railtour from Portsmouth Harbour to Penzance using preserved Class 40 locomotive 40145 and a rake of 10 coaches. You will drive the final leg of the outbound tour from Plymouth to Penzance.


Starting at Plymouth, first release your doors to allow those on board a quick photo opportunity before awaiting your departure time of 11:34. You will then make short stops at Par and Truro to allow passengers intending to visit local attractions to disembark before proceeding to Penzance.


This scenario has only been tested on the Steam version of the Cornish Main Line route although it should work fine if you have bought the route directly from Just Trains.

The Cornish Main Line by it's very nature is a fairly quiet route and you should therefore not expect to see busy traffic. This and other scenarios I have created for this route are merely a way of driving different traction on real timetabled services and in this case provides a great opportunity to drive this railtour over the challenging gradients.

Although this is based on a real railtour, I have used only the coaches provided with the 40145 pack. The original railtour used various different types of coaches and liveries and I have avoided doing this simply to keep the requirements down. I have also used the HUD version of the locomotive in order to make the scenario accessible to all users, you are welcome to swap it with the advanced version should you wish to do so.

Visit the Class 40 Preservation Society by clicking here.

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