[DPS] 5K32 - 2110 Wrexham General to Crewe CS

Image showing screenshot of the 5K32 - 2110 Wrexham General to Crewe CS scenario


  • Route:        North Wales Coastal: Crewe to Holyhead
  • Traction:    Class 221 'Super Voyager' - Virgin Trains
  • Year:          2013
  • Duration:   25 Minutes Approx


Tonight you are in charge of a Virgin Trains empty stock working from Wrexham General to Crewe using a Class 221 ' Super Voyager' DEMU. You will drive from Saltney Junction near Chester to Crewe.


Starting at Saltney Junction, you are currently waiting for an Arriva Trains Wales service to pass. Once given the signal, proceed to Crewe where the train will be temporarily stabled in order to await another unit.


The North Wales Coastal: Crewe to Holyhead by it's very nature is a fairly quiet route, you should therefore not expect to see busy traffic. This and other scenarios I have created for this route are merely a way of driving different traction on real timetabled services and in this case provides a great opportunity to drive the Class 221 on this late night working.

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