Class 378 'Capitalstar' EMU

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One of the most modern electric multiple units (EMUs) for the London rail network comes to Train Simulator, a perfect accompaniment for the South London Network route.

The Class 378 ‘Capitalstar’ was first introduced to service in 2009 to replace ageing classes of EMUs in service around London. Based on the Class 376 used by Southeastern, the ‘Capitalstar’ was specifically designed for the London Overground network with a focus on easy access and capacity - coaches do not have doors or partitions between them, creating an open end to end interior space allowing easier movement along the train during peak times and more standing room for passengers.

A total of 20 four-car units, classified as Class 378/1, currently operate on the East London Line and South London Line, and 37 units, running as Class 378/2, can be seen on the North London Line, West London Line and Watford DC Line. Class 378/1 units run on 750 V DC third rail only; Class 378/2 units run on 750 V DC third rail and 25 kV AC overhead lines.

Both variations of the EMU are represented in the model for Train Simulator, with DMSO, MSO and PTSO coaches. Features include two-tone horn, ‘Underground’ style whistle and passenger view.



  • Class 378 ‘Capitalstar’ EMU in London Overground livery
  • Class 378/1 and Class 378/2 variations
  • Two-tone horn
  • ‘Underground’ style whistle
  • Passenger view
  • Quick Drive compatible
  • 4 scenarios for the South London Network route





Additional Information

The Class 378 'Capitalstar' EMU is included when you buy either the North London Line or North London & Goblin Lines routes. View our pages for these routes by clicking here and here.