ScotRail Class 380

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The Class 380 electric multiple unit is a great modern image British train, and can be found on many electrified lines in Scotland.

A total of 38 Class 380 sets were ordered for introduction on electrified routes in Scotland. The 38 units comprise a total of 130 vehicles forming a mixture of 3 and 4 car sets. This flexibility allows ScotRail (the operator) to run a variety of train lengths depending on the particular demands of the service. One of the most distinctive features of the Class 380 is its dramatic front end style designed to conform to the latest safety standards. This gives the unit a swept back look like an express train. The ScotRail Class 380 fleet is based at Glasgow Shields Road Train Maintenance Depot. The Class 380 for Train Simulator is highly-detailed with accurate controls and a recreation of the correct ScotRail livery.


Class 380 electric multiple unit with DMSO, TSO and PTSO