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Fernbus Simulator: Multimedia Package


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For everyone who is bored by the tedious noise along the highway, we've got something for your eardrums. The Fernbus Simulator Multimedia Package doesn't just contain more than 70 licensed songs but, contains a fully functional Radio without any commercials, professional moderation including Jingles, Small Talk and an interactive Traffic Report, Weather forecast and new obstacles along on the roads!

FlashBass FM is a fictional German-speaking radio station broadcasting all over Germany with a wide variety of mainstream music.

Visit to listen to some of the songs running on the real web radio stream.

Key Features:

  • Radio free of ads
  • offline functionality
  • more than 70 songs
  • Moderation with Small Talk and Jingles
  • Weather forecast and time check
  • new obstacles
  • interactive Traffic Report

Please note, the Traffic Report is restricted to the original Map of Fernbus Simulator.