GEML Class 315

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The Class 315 fleet has spent 28 years working both the GEML, the Lea Valley Lines, and occasionally stretching further afield to the likes of Braintree – however their most notable work is the stopping ‘metro’ services between London and Shenfield, a distance of around 20 miles.

It’s time for you to challenge those 20 miles, shuttling commuters from Essex in and out of East London (including the complex hub that is Stratford station!) for onward travel. Waggonz and Armstrong Powerhouse have done a wonderful job bringing this service into Train Simulator, and they’ve pulled out all the stops…


  • BR Class 315 EMU in Blue/White and White livery
  • Two cab variants - ‘with CSR’ and ‘with GSM-R / destination computer’
  • Detailed internal & external audio
  • Driver Only/Guard Operation
  • Wheelslip Protection (WSP)
  • Manual and electronic destination displays
  • Global System for Mobile Communication - Railway (GSM-R)
  • Cab Secure Radio (CSR)
  • Neutral section functionality
  • Cold start option
  • Opening cab doors
  • Quick Drive Compatible
  • 3 scenarios for Great Eastern Main Line route, also available on Steam