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    With a 1,000-mile route system, much of which is electrified with overhead AC catenary, commuter carrier NJ TRANSIT® is one of North America’s primary employers of electric locomotives. Seeking a new fleet of state-of-the art electrics, NJ TRANSIT contracted with Adtranz (now part of Bombardier) in Kassel, Germany to construct 29 electric locomotives designed based on the Deutsche-Bahn Class-101 electric. Classified as ALP-46s on NJ TRANSIT, the electrics (NJT 4600-4628) began arriving in 2001 and each packed 7,100-horsepower into a stylish 64-foot-long, dual-cab carbody. Riding Flexifloat trucks in a B-B wheel arrangement and with a drive system that incorporates a transformer, two traction converters, and MITRAC electronic control systems, the ALP-46s comfortably handle 10-car NJT consists at 100 mph.

    Wearing NJ TRANSIT’s striking livery designed by Cesar Vergara, the ALP-46s regularly serve on multiple NJ TRANSIT routes, including the Amtrak-owned Northeast Corridor between New York Penn Station and Trenton, New Jersey; the North Jersey Coast Line; and NJ TRANSIT’s Morristown Line. Efficient and powerful, the ALP-46 is a superb and authentic locomotive for service on Train Simulator’s NJCL route.

    The ALP-46 includes a range of advanced features including NJ TRANSIT’s in-cab signal system and is accompanied by NJ TRANSIT’s Comet IV commuter coach and a drivable Comet V cab-car for push-pull operations and NJ TRANSIT’s iconic MultiLevel Cars with driveable Cab Car. It also features three Career Scenarios for the North Jersey Coast Line route.

    The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the NJ TRANSIT ALP-46 on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator.


    • NJ TRANSIT Adtranz/Bombardier ALP-46 electric locomotive
    • NJ TRANSIT in-cab signal system and other advanced control features
    • NJ TRANSIT Comet IV Commuter Cars and drivable Comet V Cab Car
    • NJ TRANSIT MultiLevel Cars and driveable Cab Car
    • Quick Drive Compatible
    • 3 career Scenarios for the North Jersey Coast Line route, also available on Steam


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