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    All Aboard Rails provides a stunning and fresh new route for Train Simulator. Centred around a fictional North American small town of Tri-City, the Cottonwood foundry and its Rascal mine. At roughly 20 miles long, this wonderfully designed route includes beautiful and detailed scenery making for an exciting and immersive experience.

    Rascal and Cottonwood comes with 11 scenarios ranging from simple unrestricted free roaming, introductions and every day tasks, and even a bit railfanning observation.


    • 20 miles of operational railroad
    • Four fully detailed towns - Rascal, Cottonwood, Foxman, TriCity
    • Multiple loading and unloading cargo facilities
    • 11 scenarios


    Rascal & Cottonwood Manual

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    Included DLC

    When buying this product, the package also includes the following DLC along with the RSDL Railworks 3 LegacyAssetsFoliage Pack