Soldier Summit & Salt Lake City Scenario Pack 01


The Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) was one of America’s most famous and fabulous railroads, and now you can go to work on the remarkable Rio Grande in ten highly authentic and diverse career scenarios!

Train Simulator’s Soldier Summit + Salt Lake City Route Extension re-creates the entire Third District of D&RGW’s rugged Utah Division, including passage over daunting Soldier Summit, and this realistic scenario pack from High Iron Simulations puts you at the throttle for D&RGW passenger, main line freight, coal, local, and switching duties across the full length of the popular 118-mile mountain route!

In ten challenging career scenarios closely based on authentic Rio Grande operations and train symbols of the 1980s, you’ll tackle railroading ranging from D&RGW’s unforgettable Rio Grande Zephyr making its way over the wintry Wasatch Mountains to totting priority auto parts and heavy coal tonnage. And you’ll be called for switching duty amid the spider web of trackage in Salt Lake City.

With Soldier Summit + Salt Lake City Route Extension Scenario Pack 01, you’ll climb aboard legendary first- and second-generation D&RGW diesel power, including Rio Grande’s elegant EMD F9s, versatile and venerable EMD GP9s, and high-horsepower EMD SD40T-2 and GP40-2 main line diesels.

The magnificent D&RGW – nicknamed “The Ruler of The Rockies” – stands among America’s greatest railroads. And High Iron Simulations’ Soldier Summit + Salt Lake City Route Extension Scenario Pack 01 puts you in the engineer’s seat for unforgettable, challenging, and realistic Rio Grande railroading!

In order to play all of the scenarios included in this scenario pack, the following add-ons are required: