South West Trains Class 444

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The Class 444 is a superb modern image EMU for the Portsmouth Direct Line, and comes complete with Portsmouth Direct Line scenarios and plenty to keep you busy in the cab.

The Class 444 ‘Desiro’ electrical multiple units (EMUs) were built by Siemens AG in 2003 and 2004. Forty-five of these flagship sets were built to handle express services for South West Trains, as part of the process of replacing ageing ‘slam-door’ rolling stock so familiar to commuters in the south of England. After the teething problems encountered when introducing other new trains types in the UK, the 444s were subject to extensive testing at the Wildenrath test track prior to entering service. These 5-car units can run at 100mph on 750 volts DC, and with many realistic in-cab features, the Class 444 is a great addition to your Portsmouth Direct Line.


  • Class 444 Electric Multiple Unit in South West Trains livery
  • Moving Sun Blind
  • Brake Hold Button
  • Desk Light
  • Driver Reminder Appliance
  • Drivers Master Key
  • 8 scenarios for the Portsmouth Direct Line route, also available on Steam