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    Drive 130km (80 miles) of track through Austria, Germany and Switzerland, passing through 40 detailed stations!

    A tour de force in route design, with stunning scenery, country-specific signalling systems and custom objects throughout, the Three Country Corner Route is probably the most authentic, realistic and detailed route for Train Simulator to date!

    Brought to you by Just Trains, the Three Country Corner route lies at the heart of Europe and covers three countries. It starts at Lake Constance in Germany on the Island of Lindau, crosses over to the mainland on a railway dam, and then follows the shores of Lake Constance to the city of Bregenz in Austria.

    From there you have two choices - either continue on the main line or take a branch line into Switzerland. This branch line crosses the River Rhine, which forms the border between Austria and Switzerland, and continues on to the city of Rorschach where the line terminates.

    The main line starts its slow climb through the valleys to the city of Bludenz, surrounded by the often snow-capped mountains of the Alps, then becomes a single track mountain pass (Arlberg Pass) that winds its way through the Alps. When the tracks reach the very top of the pass at St. Anton, the route finishes.


    • 130km (80 miles) of track covering three countries (Austria, Germany and Switzerland)
    • 40 detailed stations
    • Four different and highly realistic signalling systems
    • Specially designed and accurate country-specific gantry systems
    • Custom signs along the route, including speed signs, hectometer signs and warning signs
    • Detailed and accurate country-specific station assets
    • Specially designed tracks replicate the real-world tracks along the route
    • Newly created track rule including realistic super-elevation
    • Many custom buildings along the route
    • Route-specific assets such as noise reduction walls and snow-retaining walls
    • Faithful re-creation of the Arlberg Pass line including all the rapid gradient changes
    • PZB speed monitoring system
    • Includes 10 standard scenarios and 5 free roam scenarios in English and German
    • Quick Drive enabled


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