DB Freight: 1970s Loco Add-On

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    The DB Freight: 1970s Add-On enables fans of German railways to expand their freight operations and recreate typical German freight trains from the 1970s.

    Tractive power for these freight trains is provided by the BR151 freight locomotive in green and ocean-blue/beige, typical of the era. For shunting duties within your freight yards, there is also the distinctive and tiny BR323 shunter in the correct red livery, a low-powered locomotive which could be found at most large stations in the 1970s. Also included are 32 freight wagons with different loads and liveries, considerably expanding the available freight stock for German routes in Train Simulator. With scenarios included, there is plenty of variety and lots to keep you occupied as you take on the role of German freight train driver, 1970s-style!


    • BR151 Green
    • BR151 Blue&Cream
    • BR323 Red
    • FAD167 Hopper
    • GBS254 Wagon
    • Ibbhs396 Coolwagon
    • Kds56/UCS909 Powder Tanker
    • Omm52 Bulk Wagon
    • Ommi51 F-z 120
    • Kmmgks/Tis858
    • 3 scenarios for the Ruhr-Sieg route, also available on Steam




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