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    The distinctive and incredible GWR Large Prairies comes to Train Simulator to fulfil a multitude of steam-era roles, courtesy of Partner Programme developer Victory Works.

    In general, a “Prairie” steam locomotive is any that sits upon a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement, and particularly in tank locomotive form proved a very popular design worldwide. On British soil, the Southern Railway would be the only example of the “Big Four” to not produce Prairie locomotives in its lifetime.

    The Great Western Railway however would dote on their 2-6-2T ‘tank’ locomotives for secondary and more rural duties. Some of the earliest examples were rather light, and were suitably called the ‘Small Prairies’; however, larger variants would also be produced, primarily for suburban commuter operations but initially for general use too. First appearing in 1903, these are the ‘Large Prairies’.

    The first of many Large Prairies appeared in 1903 as GWR No. 99, a prototype design from Churchward that would become the basis for a production fleet of 39 ‘3100 Class’ tank locomotives. At heart, the 3100 Class was a mixed-traffic locomotive, and would be the start of a “workhorse” fleet for GWR and be found across the network throughout their lifetimes.


    • Includes the 5100, 5101, 6100 and 8100 classes in GWR Green and British Railways Black liveries, complete with selectable era-appropriate logos, optional parts and fittings
    • Realistic wheel slip physics and effects
    • Simulated steam chest
    • Realistic train pipe and reservoir vacuum braking
    • Cylinder cock management
    • Boiler management with priming possible
    • Realistic injector control
    • Realistic “by the shovel” stoking with synchronised sound
    • Communication with the guard in the brake van for handbrake usage (when used with compatible GWR Toad brake van – included with this DLC)
    • Second valve regulator effects
    • Atmospheric AI effects
    • Includes a range of rolling stock including: Ex-GWR 8t Cattle Van, GWR Fruit A Van, BR(W) Gunpowder Van, Diagram 1/260, BR(W) “Herring” hopper, P22, BR(W) Iron Mink, V6, BR(W) Tunnel Inspection Van and GWR & BR(W) 20 ton Toad Brake Van
    • Simple, Standard and Advanced driving modes
    • Xbox controller support (Simple and Standard modes only)
    • Four challenging career scenarios for the Riviera Line in the Fifties: Exeter - Kingswear route, also available on Steam.
    • Quick Drive compatible


    Train Simulator GWR Large Prairies Manual

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