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    Originally built in the late 1920s, the Royal Scot class of locomotive would see a radical change in their lives to become almost entirely new, Stanier-derived designs. Continuing their fantastic LMS line-up, Bossman Games have delivered yet another engine you need to have in your collection!

    The Royal Scot Class was designed by Sir Henry Fowler for express passenger work on the London Midland and Scottish Railway, as it was a type of locomotive sorely lacking among the fleet. A total of 70 were produced from the LMS’ Derby Works, 50 in 1927 and a further 20 in 1930. The class was noted to be successful despite undergoing no testing before entering service, working top link expresses out of London Euston before the arrival of the Princess Royal and Princess Coronation classes.

    However, once the fleet’s boilers started to show their age, it was decided to rebuild them using the modern, type 2A boiler designed by Sir William Stanier. Many other changes would also take place during the rebuild, particularly to the frames and cylinders. All 70 would be rebuilt between the mid-1940s and 1950s.

    The rebuilt locomotives were masterpieces, capable of matching the Coronations in service, all while being much smaller in comparison. LMS gave the rebuilt Royal Scots a power classification of 6P, one above the likes of the Black Five and Jubilee, however British Railways would later revise this to 7P, acknowledging their newfound strength.

    The rebuilt Royal Scots would work under BR until 1965, and out of the 70 built, two survived into preservation, working mainline and heritage railway railtours and excursions throughout the subsequent years.


    • A Selection of 19 Rebuilt Royal Scot Class nameplates
    • Authentic audio recorded from 46100 Royal Scot and other LMS designs.
    • Authentic liveries and tenders
    • Customisable lamp arrangement (locomotive and tender)
    • High Intensity lamps for modern mainline running
    • A selection of 30 headboards
    • Customisable loco numbers
    • Realistic performance physics
    • Realistic regulator and steam chest simulation
    • Vacuum Brake Ejectors
    • BR ATC simulation
    • Injector simulation
    • Gauge Glass blowdown
    • Realistic adhesion model
    • Stunning fire and smoke effects
    • Directional sanders
    • Functioning isolation valves in cab
    • Steam heat simulation
    • Opening cab doors, windows and vents
    • Gauge vibrations at speed
    • Performance mode for less powerful PCs
    • Water Scoop
    • Automatic Fireman
    • 25 Quick Drive consists
    • 6 engaging career scenarios for the North Wales Coastal and Liverpool to Manchester routes, also available on Steam


    LMS Rebuilt Royal Scot Manual

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