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    Experience state-of-the-art commuter traction in the form of Just Trains’ stylish London Underground S8 Stock!

    Towards the end of the 2000s, various types of sub-surface units were still in service on the London Underground, with some examples dating as far back as the 1960s. They were outdated in most regards, with their varying designs leading to inconsistent services and expensive maintenance.

    It was decided to order a new fleet of trains that, across 2 variants, would replace every train on the sub-surface network. This new train was called the S Stock and an order of 191 was placed. The two variants would be the S7 and S8, the former being for the Circle, Hammersmith & City and District Lines, featuring 7-cars and fully longitudinal seating, and the latter for the Metropolitan Line, which would be 8-cars in length and have a revised interior with some transverse seating.

    While seating capacity saw a downgrade, the new S Stock was able to take a much higher number of standing passengers, aided in particular by a revolutionary open-plan design that saw the end of narrow gangways between coaches. This, plus greater performance and future ability for automatic operation meant the S Stock was set to transform sub-surface travel.

    The S8 variant entered service on the “Met” in July 2010, with all 58 for the line in service by the end of 2012 and, as the line shares tracks with Chiltern’s Aylesbury line, you can experience modern commuter operations with Just Trains’ authentic London Underground S8!

    Key Features

    • S8 Stock EMU in London Underground livery
    • Includes red, red/black and black buffer variants
    • Includes standard and de-icing units
    • Authentic cab controls and instruments
    • Operable Train Control and Management System
    • Realistic passenger door operation
    • Operable Tripcock safety system
    • Sensitive Edge system simulation
    • Passenger emergency alarm simulation
    • Random pick-up shoe sparking effect
    • Working destination displays
    • 12 Standard and 5 Free Roam scenarios for the London Marylebone – Aylesbury route
    • Quick Drive compatible

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