Train Simulator: Metropolitan Line: Aldgate to Uxbridge & Amersham


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    Explore the heart of London and leafy Buckinghamshire with Just Trains’ expansive Metropolitan Line route!

    The Metropolitan Line dates back to 1863, making it the world’s first underground railway, and it is one of only 2 London Underground lines to serve beyond the Greater London boundary. These features alone offer a stark contrast between the historical sub-surface section in the city, and the lush green countryside beyond Harrow where infrequent stopping allows for services to reach their top speed, a rare treat for Underground stock.

    Just Trains’ extensive research results in an authentic London Underground driving experience. All 34 stations are accurately detailed and modelled. Each of the different tunnel sections reflect the numerous different styles found on the route, and the deep cuttings in the Metropolitan area are carefully modelled along with the distinctive buildings surrounding the track. Authentic London Underground signalling is also used throughout the route, which is extensively detailed with appropriate line side equipment and structures.

    Explore the classic Metropolitan Line in Train Simulator today!

    Please Note: London Underground S8 EMU Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.

    Key Features

    • 42-mile route covering the entirety of the Metropolitan Line from Aldgate to Uxbridge, Watford, Chesham and Amersham
    • 34 accurately detailed stations
    • Numerous custom buildings throughout
    • 7 Free Roam scenarios utilising an included, basic version of the S8
    • 13 Standard scenarios for London Underground S8 EMU owners
    • Quick Drive compatible


    Train Simulator: Metropolitan Line: Aldgate to Uxbridge & Amersham Manual

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