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    The ÖBB 1142’s lineage dates back to the 1960s, when a fleet of electric locomotives was built as an efficient answer to the challenging Südbahn and its Semmering pass. In all, over 250 locomotives (classified as the ÖBB 1042) would be built over 14 years, making them an important part of day-to-day mixed-traffic operations.

    Fast forward to the 1990s, and the oldest of the ÖBB 1042s (the 1042.0s) were due to be replaced. Orders for the next generation were placed, meanwhile, the fate of the younger 1042.5s was discussed. It was decided that the newer series, if suitably converted, would be perfect for “Wendezug” (shuttle train) duties.

    The rebuilt locomotives were reclassified as the ÖBB 1142, and they immediately got to work on shuttle passenger duties across the Austrian network.

    In recent years, some locomotives have been retired, or been sold to other operators in Europe, however ÖBB still retain a fleet of 45 for their own use. All told, for a design pushing through its mid-50s, the ÖBB 1142 represents an outstanding feat of engineering, and thanks to Skyhook Games, it has arrived for Train Simulator in fully fledged Pro Range fashion!


    • ÖBB 1142 in ÖBB Red and White livery
    • Small and large headlight variants
    • ÖBB Zacns tankers in 6 clean-to-weathered conditions
    • Full start-up procedure
    • Authentic driving controls, including traction control wheel
    • Accurate Sifa and PZB/Indusi implementation
    • Operable Traction Motor Blowers
    • Manual passenger door control
    • Changeable brake modes
    • 3 Career scenarios for the Semmeringbahn- Mürzzuschlag to Gloggnitz route, also available on Steam
    • Quick Drive Compatible





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