Train Simulator: SBB RABe 523 EMU

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    Get up to speed with the popular RABe 523 electric multiple unit, with new scenarios for the highly acclaimed Gotthardbahn route.

    This Add-On features a number of innovations that are sure to delight fans of this train; including controllable wing mirrors, variable speed windscreen wipers, driver-operated destination display system, and working brake indicators on the cab exterior.

    The SBB RABe 523 is an electric multiple unit that belongs to the family of FLIRT trains. The FLIRT train sets are equipped with low floor entrances and air suspension and known for their fast acceleration and high braking power, as well as their low weight.

    The abbreviation FLIRT stands for Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train (German: Flinker Leichter Intercity- und Regional-Triebzug). Used for regional and local passenger services, they were originally developed for the Swiss Federal Railways, but due to its success, many other operators around the globe ordered versions too.

    The Swiss versions are four-car versions, with two cab cars and two middle cars per train. Only the two Jacobs bogies at the both ends of each train are powered. They feature 20 first class seats and 161 second class seats.

    Climb the steep gradients and enjoy the incredible views taking this train along the Gotthardbahn, making sure to get your passengers to their destination safely. Get on board and master the SBB RABe 523!

    Please Note: Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic: Erstfeld – Bellinzona Route Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.

    Key Features:

    • RABe 523 EMU in SBB livery
    • Driver-operated destination display system (both interior and exterior view)
    • Driver-controlled windscreen wipers and wing mirrors
    • Fully functional external brake indicators
    • 5 Career scenarios for the Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic route
    • Quick Drive compatible

    Train Simulator: SBB RABe 523 EMU Manual

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