ÖBB 1144 Livery Pack Add-On

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    The ÖBB 1144 Livery Pack Add-On requires the ÖBB 1144 & CityShuttle Wiesel Loco add-on to be installed, this is also available on Steam.

    Give the ÖBB 1144 a fresh coat of paint with this add-on livery pack from Skyhook Games!

    The ÖBB 1144 fleet was built in the mid-1970s as the ÖBB 1044, an electric locomotive that was a powerful solution to Austria’s challenging rail network. They were the backbone of the ÖBB line-up until 2000, when a batch of EuroSprinter locomotives were ordered to assist and eventually replace them. Instead of scrapping the ÖBB 1044s, they were sent to be converted into locomotives capable of push-pull CityShuttle operations, and as a result of the modifications, were reclassified as the ÖBB 1144.

    This add-on livery pack represents the ÖBB 1144 in two variants of the ÖBB Red & Cream colour schemes, additionally featuring the original ÖBB logo.


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