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    The D&RGW F7 Add-On Livery requires the Great Northern F7 ‘Empire Builder’ Loco add-on to be installed, this is also available on Steam.

    Electro-Motive's famous 'F Series' road locomotives literally changed the face of North American railroading, ushering in a wholesale change from steam to diesel motive power across the continent. Between 1939 and 1960, EMD constructed a variety of F-unit models, and none were more prolific, more successful, or more famous than the 1,500hp F7.

    Between 1949 and 1953, Electro-Motive constructed 3,847 F7A (cab) and F7B (booster) locomotives. From Maine to California, in Canada, and Mexico, the EMD F7 dominated the high iron like no other diesel locomotive in history. While Electro-Motive had originally designed its 'F-unit' with freight duties in mind, the locomotive proved equally versatile in hauling either tonnage or passengers, and F7s could be found on the point of many of North America's most famous trains, including the Super Chief, Empire Builder and California Zephyr.

    Among the railroads that put the F7 to use in both freight and passenger service was the Denver & Rio Grande Western. D&RGW rostered more than 80 F7s dressed in a striking yellow, black and silver livery, and employed the classic diesels across the length of the railroad, whether the task was hustling the famed California Zephyr west from Denver or dragging heavy coal tonnage over rugged Soldier Summit.

    Rio Grande's F7s operated into the late 1960s and even today countless EMD F7s, many beautifully restored, operate on excursions and museum lines throughout North America.


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