New York Central RF-16 Livery Add-On

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    The New York Central RF-16 Livery Add-On requires the PRR RF-16 'Sharknose' Loco add-on to be installed, this is also available on Steam.

    Classic American railroading of the 1950s and 1960s comes alive with the iconic Baldwin RF-16 “Sharknose” diesel in two liveries of the iconic New York Central!

    The New York Central Baldwin RF-16 for Train Simulator is provided in the railroad’s stylish “lightning stripe” livery of the 1950s as well as the unique “cigar band” scheme which NYC utilized in the 1960s.

    In 1950, the Baldwin Locomotive Works introduced an upgraded line of its diesels, which included the 1,600-horsepower RF-16 “Sharknose” freight locomotive. Three of the biggest railroads in the eastern United States purchased a total of 160 RF-16s in cab or booster configurations. The Pennsylvania purchased 102 locomotives Baltimore & Ohio 32 units -- and PRR’s great rival, the famed New York Central, acquired 26 Sharks (18 cabs, 8 boosters). The three railroads often employed the RF-16s in heavy coal or ore services, although New York Central’s RF-16s were also regulars working in the upper Midwest on NYC’s “Big Four” lines. All three eastern roads retired their RF16s in the mid-1960s, but when it came to the New York Central Sharks, there emerged a fascinating postscript. In 1967, the coal-hauling Monongahela Railway (original operator of Train Simulator’s Norfolk Southern Coal District route) purchased nine ex-NYC Sharks and operated several of the venerable Baldwins into the early 1970s.

    Created by DTM, the Train Simulator RF-16 is a superb reproduction of the iconic Sharknose diesel, featuring an authentic cab and the unique sounds of Baldwin’s slow-churning 608A diesel power plant.


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