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    Union Pacific has, ever since the completion of the transcontinental railroad, been one of America’s biggest, busiest, and most famous railroads. And in the final decades of the twentieth century, Union Pacific grew even larger through multiple mergers, to form today’s remarkable 30,000-route-mile system.

    Union Pacific Scenario Pack 02, from High Iron Simulations, brings to life contemporary and challenging Union Pacific railroading on two famed western railroads that joined the UP system through merger – the Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Western Pacific.

    Featuring ten highly realistic career scenarios on Train Simulator’s popular Soldier Summit + Salt Lake City Route Extension and Feather River Canyon routes, Union Pacific Scenario Pack 02 takes you from the Wasatch Mountains of Utah to the fabulous Sierra Nevada Mountains of California for Union Pacific railroading along the ex-D&RGW and Western Pacific main lines.

    In the ten career scenarios of Union Pacific Scenario Pack 02, which are based upon actual UP operations and train symbols, you’ll tackle a variety of contemporary freight duties ranging from high-priority intermodals to lugging coal, manifest, and aggregates tonnage, handling locals, and working yard-switching chores. You’ll experience diverse diesel power including distinctive Union Pacific SD70M, SD40-2, and GP40-2 road and local power as well UP’s unique rebuilt SW10 “Hammerhead” switchers. And you’ll work aboard several of Union Pacific’s modern and flashy “Heritage Fleet” SD70ACes!

    Climb aboard for modern, realistic, and challenging Union Pacific freight railroading in the rugged mountains of the fabulous America West – with Union Pacific Scenario Pack 02!

    In order to play all of the scenarios included in this scenario pack, the following add-ons are required:


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