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    Two Point Hospital Trailer

    Two Point Hospital Gameplay

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    Design and build your own hospital!

    Build up a hospital from nothing to a masterpiece as you design the most beautiful – or functional – healthcare operation in the whole of Two Point County.

    Optimise your hospital design to increase patient (and cash) flow, arranging corridors, rooms and waiting areas to your exact specifications. Expand your hospital to multiple buildings as you look to get as many patients through the door as possible.

    Place decorative and functional items around your hospital to improve its prestige, lower patient boredom, increase happiness and keep those end of year awards flowing in.

    Cure unusual illnesses

    Don’t expect Two Point County to be populated with your usual types of patients. In this world, you’ll experience all kinds of unusual illnesses; from Light-headedness to Cubism – each requiring their very own special type of treatment machine.

    Diagnose illnesses, build the right rooms to handle them, hire the right staff, and then get ready, because curing just one of these illnesses is just the beginning. You can handle a single patient – but can you handle a Pandemic?

    Once you’ve conquered an illness, research improved cures and machines and turn your hospital into an unstoppable healthcare juggernaut.

    Improve and expand your hospital horizons!

    Your first hospital is where it begins, but what next?

    Once you’ve cured the residents of a small harbour village, can you take on a bigger challenge in a busier hospital?

    Improve your facilities, upgrade machines, staff and layouts to make more money, more quickly.

    Train and improve your staff, levelling them up with new skills and abilities to make your hospital even more efficient.

    Make use of the extensive statistic and information screens to analyse your strengths and weaknesses, and make rapid alterations. Adjust the price of your treatments, keep an eye on your turnover, take out loans and optimise your earnings.

    You’ll be managing staff with unique personality types and traits, so you’ll need to keep an eye on who’s being efficient – and who is just a pain in the neck. Balance your workforce with your ambitions as you strive to make profit (and hopefully save some people along the way).

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    Two Point Hospital DLC

    There are several DLC available to buy for Two Point Hospital. The current releases are as follows:

    • Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island
    • Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot
    • Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters
    • Two Point Hospital: Retro Items Pack

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