[DPS] 2R97 - 1850 York to Hull

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  • Route:        York to Peterborough Modern
  • Traction:    Class 158 DMU - Northern
  • Year:          2019
  • Duration:   30 Minutes Approx


This evening you are in charge of a Northern service from York to Hull using a Class 158 DMU. You will drive the section from York to Selby.


Starting at York, first release the doors to allow passengers to board before awaiting your departure time of 18:50. You will then run non-stop to Selby where you have a scheduled arrival time of 19:17 and you will be expected to wait at certain points in order to give priority to other trains during the journey.


Scenario testing identified no need for TAB to be used at any signal. Using TAB and gaining unneccesary permission to pass a signal at danger may mean the scenario does not function as intended. Please also note that the maximum speed of your train is 90mph.

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