Soldier Summit & Salt Lake City Scenario Pack 02


In 1988, the D&RGW consolidated with the Southern Pacific. The years immediately following were an exceptional time on the famed Soldier Summit route, which became part of SP’s Central Region and Salt Lake Division. During the late 1980s and into the 1990s, Southern Pacific dramatically expanded the rail traffic moving over Soldier Summit and SP and D&RGW locomotives worked side-by-side on the historic and rugged route.

Soldier Summit & Salt Lake City Route Extension Scenario Pack 02, from High Iron Simulations, now brings this exciting and unique railroading era to vibrant and realistic life on Train Simulator’s popular Soldier Summit + Salt Lake City Route Extension!

In ten challenging career scenarios based on authentic Southern Pacific/D&RGW operations and train symbols of the period, you’ll go to work over the 118 miles of legendary railroad stretching from Salt Lake City to Helper, Utah. You’ll be called to handle a variety of duties ranging from hotshot Southern Pacific manifest and intermodal trains to coal drags, locals, switching assignments, and even Amtrak’s elegant California Zephyr.

With Soldier Summit + Salt Lake City Route Extension Scenario Pack 02, you’ll climb aboard diverse diesel motive power ranging from Southern Pacific high-horsepower EMD SD70Ms and SD45T-2 to D&RGW GP40-2s, GP9s, and SD9s as well as Amtrak’s F40PHs. And your work assignments will take you across the length of the route, from imposing Soldier Summit across the Wasatch Mountains to the lush Salt Lake Valley, and amid yard and industrial settings including the massive Geneva Steel Works near Provo and the complex urban trackage of Salt Lake City!

The era of Southern Pacific and Rio Grande operations across Soldier Summit was a time of extraordinary and memorable railroading -- and High Iron Simulations’ Soldier Summit & Salt Lake City Route Extension Scenario Pack 02 puts you in the engineer’s seat for realistic and challenging big-time railroading in the American West!

In order to play all of the scenarios included in this scenario pack, the following add-ons are required: