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    Union Pacific! Today it is a titan of American railroading, stretching more than 30,000 route miles across the United States. In railroad history, the Union Pacific looms just as grand, for it was the Union Pacific that met the Central Pacific in 1869 at Promontory Point, Utah, for the driving of the transcontinental railroad’s “Golden Spike.”

    Contemporary, captivating, and challenging modern Union Pacific railroading now awaits you in Union Pacific Scenario Pack 01, from High Iron Simulations! Featuring ten highly authentic career scenarios, this new pack puts you to work on two legendary segments of Union Pacific’s bustling transcontinental railroad as it exists today – Wyoming’s famed Sherman Hill and California’s daunting Donner Pass!

    Extending west from Cheyenne to Laramie, Wyoming, the Sherman Hill route (UP’s Laramie Subdivision) represents the traditional heart of the Union Pacific, while the Donner Pass line (which Union Pacific acquired in 1996 with the Southern Pacific) is one of America’s railroad engineering marvels.

    In Union Pacific Scenario Pack 01, you’ll tackle a variety of challenging contemporary freight duties ranging from high-priority intermodal and produce traffic to lugging manifest freights and crude oil, handling locals, and working yard-switching chores. And in the process, you’ll experience diverse diesel power including modern Union Pacific GE ES44ACs, EMD SD70Ms, and SD70ACes; veteran EMD GP40-2s and SD40-2s; and UP’s unique rebuilt SW10 “Hammerhead” switchers!

    Climb aboard for modern and realistic Union Pacific freight railroading on the railroad’s great main lines across Wyoming’s high plains and California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains – with Union Pacific Scenario Pack 01!

    In order to play all of the scenarios included in this scenario pack, the following add-ons are required:


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