North Wales Coastal Scenario Pack 01

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North Wales Coastal Scenario Pack 01 – complete with 10 authentic and engaging new career scenarios – transports you back to the mid-1990s, featuring the final period of British Rail operations before privatisation transformed the national rail network.

The North Wales Coastal route is one packed with fascinating operational history, with both passenger and freight traffic in-tow along the route. Based on real working timetables from 1995 and 1996, North Wales Coastal Scenario Pack 01 brings to life the atmosphere of the route in the 90s, featuring motive power and rolling stock in a plethora of classic liveries remembered fondly today.

Not only that, but Inspector Wilfred Greaves will be on-board for certain scenarios, performing quality audits of the train, rolling stock and route’s track and signalling – he keeps himself to himself, just as long as you abide by the rules.

All told, North Wales Coastal Scenario Pack 01 provides more than 11 hours of challenging and exciting historic action to the “Land of Old Fathers”

In order to play all of the scenarios included in this scenario pack, the following add-ons are required: