View the extensive range of UK diesel multiple units available to buy for Train Simulator. Each page has product information and screenshots and the vast majority also have the product manual. Many also include additional information about quality content or addons related to the product, allowing you to make even further use of your purchase along with alternative buying options where possible, allowing you to obtain the best current price.

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Class 142 Pack Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 142 Pack Steam

Class 156 Pack Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 156 Pack Steam

Class 170 Turbostar

Class 159 Pack

Class 105 Pack

Class 150/2 Pack Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 150/2 Arriva Trains Wales

Class 101 Pack

Class 101 Regional Railways

Class 101 Strathclyde

Arriva Trains Wales DMU Pack

Class 205 Thumper DEMU Pack

Class 205 Thumper DEMU Network Southeast

Class 180 Adelante

Class 220 CrossCountry Voyager

Class 220/221 Voyager Advanced

Class 150/1 Pack

Class 222 DEMU Pack

Class 111 Pack

Class 158 Pack

Class 121 Pack