View the extensive range of UK diesel locomotives available to buy for Train Simulator. Each page has product information and screenshots and the vast majority also have the product manual. Many also include additional information about quality content or addons related to the product, allowing you to make even further use of your purchase along with alternative buying options where possible, allowing you to obtain the best current price.

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Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 1

Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 2

Class 40 40145

Class 56 Sectors Pack

Class 60 Advanced

Class 31 Freight Pack

Class 31 Loco Pack

Class 52 Western

Class 68 ScotRail

Class 66 EWS V2.0

Class 66 Freightliner V2.0

Class 66 Powerhaul V2.0

Class 40 Locomotive Pack

Class 50 Meshtools

Class 50 BMG | AP

Class 57 Freightliner

Class 57 Railtours

Class 70 Freightliner

Class 20 Pack

Class 20 Advanced Collection

Class 59/2 DB Schenker

Class 73 Gatwick Express

Class 67 EWS

Class 67 Diamond Jubilee

BR Blue Loco Pack

BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack

LNER BR Class 43 ‘High Speed Train’ Remastered

BR DP1 Deltic Prototype

Class 58 Pack

Virgin Trains First Generation Pack

Western Hydraulics Pack

Class 08 EWS & Freightliner

Class 43 Green & Gold HST

Class 47 Network Southeast

Class 27 Pack

WSR Diesels Pack

Class 24 Pack

Class 33 Pack

Class 45 Pack

Class 14 Pack

Class 07 Pack

Class 35 Pack

BR GT3 Gas Turbine