Microsoft Flight Simulator | MArketplace | Airports | United States

Simply click on one of the buttons below to view US airports that are available to purchase for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. If you are looking for a specific airport, use the search tool provided with your browser.

KBYY: Bay City Municipal Airport

MSFS KBYY Bay City Municipal

KBUR: Hollywood Burbank Airport

MSFS KBUR Hollywood Burbank

KDEN: Denver International Airport

MSFS KDEN Denver International

KMIA: Miami International Airport

MSFS KMIA Miami International

KORD: O'Hare International Airport

MSFS KORD O'Hare International

KORS: Orcas Island Airport

MSFS KORS Orcas Island

KPCM: Plant City Airport

MSFS KPCM Plant City Municipal

KPDX: Portland International Airport

MSFS KPDX Portland International

KSJC: Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport

MSFS KSJC  San Jose International

KSBA: Santa Barbara Municipal Airport

MSFS KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal

KTIW: Tacoma Narrows Airport

KTIW Tacoma Narrows

KSLC: Salt Lake City International Airport

MSFS KSLC Salt Lake City

KEYW: Key West International Airport

MSFS KEYW Key West International

PAKT: Ketchikan International Airport

MSFS PAKT Ketchikan International

KBCE: Bryce Canyon Airport

MSFS KBCE Bryce Canyon

KORF: Norfolk International Airport

MSFS KORF Norfolk International

PAUN: Unalakleet Airport

MSFS PAUN Unalakleet Airport

KTBR: Statesboro–Bulloch County Airport

MSFS KTBR Statesboro–Bulloch

KSAN: San Diego International Airport

MSFS KSAN San Diego International

PAOM: Nome Airport


KFFA: First Flight Airport

MSFS KFFA First Flight

KBDL: Bradley International Airport

MSFS KBDL Bradley International

PADQ: Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport

MSFS PADQ Kodiak Airport

KGSP: Greenville-Spartanburg INTL

MSFS KGSP Greenville–Spartanburg

KMNE: Minden Airport


PAWG: Wrangell Airport

MSFS PAWG Wrangell

KDYT: Sky Harbor Airport

MSFS KDYT Sky Harbor

KATL: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International

MSFS KATL Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International

KHVN: Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport

MSFS KHVN: Tweed-New Haven Regional

PAPG: Petersburg James A. Johnson Airport

MSFS PAPG: Petersburg James A. Johnson Airport

KCLW: Clearwater Air Park

MSFS KCLW Clearwater Air Park

PAEN: Kenai Municipal Airport

MSFS PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport